About Hiep

Art is a spiritual practice, a way to connect and celebrate


Hiep Nguyen actively promotes

and practices community-based

art around the world through Circle Painting. He has a lifelong passion

for teaching and received his MA in

Art Education from CSU Long Beach.

to him, art is a spiritual practice, a

way to connect and celebrate. His

motto: Art for All, All for Art.

Hiep's Portfolio

Students' Artworks

"I am committed to provide an engaging and positive

learning experience for all students. I integrate music,

dance, poetry, and visual arts into my teaching curriculum

so students learn to make connections between the art forms.

I teach students to maximize their creative power and talents,

to learn and to follow, to question and to take risk. I teach

students discover the possibilities art presents for them on a

more personal level. I teach art because of the love of making

art and the joy of sharing it.  I teach what I practice."

"Everything the Power of the


World does is done in a circle...


so it is in everything where


power moves."


                              Black Elk

"Hiep sees potential in people and


 invests in them, tirelessly helping


 them to flourish and shine."


                                     Zilin Cui

                            Project Leader