Impressive Art Activities For Your Schools

Are you looking for a fun, enriching activity for the upcoming back-to-school season? Circle Painting can help you engage your faculty, students, and parents through collaborative art. Our team-building events will help you bring your school together to create impressive, large-scale murals that showcase your school and community’s values.

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Host an Innovative Open House

Open houses allow your school to make a good impression and reach more families. If you are searching for a creative way to host your school’s open house, consider Circle Painting’s collaborative art workshops.

Collaborative art focuses on teamwork rather than competition. During the exercise, participants gain knowledge, creative techniques, and a sense of team spirit.

This unique event will allow your teachers and staff to create a personal connection with parents and pave the way for continued communication throughout the school year.

Benefits of Collaboratory Art in Education

Besides improving the relationship between faculty and parents, collaborative art initiatives motivate teachers to implement art into their curriculum. Adding art to school programs can bring endless benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Enhance creative development
2. Provide a safe space for artistic expression
3. Build a strong relationship between your staff and student body
4. Foster social engagement and new friendships

About Circle Painting

Circle Painting is a nonprofit organization that promotes mental health and teamwork through collaborative art initiatives. We have over a decade of experience providing relevant collaborative art courses, workshops, and events worldwide.

Teaching doesn’t need to be limited to textbooks and blackboards. Team-building activities make learning in school become an interesting and enjoyable experience. Whether you want to host a unique open house or want to expand your school’s art curriculum, Circle Painting is here to help.

If you’re looking for a dynamic, fun-loving to incorporate at your school or organization, rely on Circle Painting´s collaborative art projects. Besides hosting dynamic events, we also provide online courses for teachers wanting to become certified program facilitators.

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