What is Art Therapy

The Art American Association states “Art therapy integrates mental health and human services through art-making by individuals who experience illness, trauma, or difficulties in living and people who seek personal development‍

One of the main objectives of art therapy is to improve or bring back people’s well-being. Art therapy occurs in educational, clinical, rehabilitation settings, private practices, and mental health clinics.
By creating art and considering the art products and processes, people can build familiarity with themselves. Adapt to side effects, stress, and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities, and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.

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Talk Therapy is Not Always the Solution

Some therapists reject any chance they might be giving inappropriate treatment, and yes, it is sad. In such cases, talking therapies are indirectly harmful by being inappropriate and ineffective. 
Social laborers might need to investigate these methodologies since they are steady with the qualities and standards of the calling.
People sometimes tend to respond to medication but not usually to talking therapies. Likewise, some people may not respond to talking therapies, but they can respond by expressing themselves through art. 
At Circle Painting we help social workers to learn techniques from exceptionally qualified professionals to develop stronger therapeutic relationships with clients.

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Draw All You Can, Your Best Option

Art therapy helps people find relief from overwhelming emotions, crises, and traumas so if your goal as a social worker is helping your customers this way, then the first step is getting a certification in therapeutic art lessons. Our Draw All You Can project can help you achieve that goal! Our online art classes will teach you how to plan and conduct practical and useful therapeutic art lessons.

Draw All You Can has a lot of experience helping through collaborative art. We have hosted events for war veterans, schools, nursing homes, and many other community centers.

If you are a social worker and want to drive for a positive change, the techniques you’ll learn through our art project Draw All You Can will help. Give us a call to know more about our courses. 
Develop the necessary facilitator skills to plan and implement these techniques as part of your sessions to help your patients accept self-expression and confidence through deep art engagement.

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