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Collaborative arts is a dynamic and contemporary art practice that involves working as a team to create art. By making art together, participants combine their experiences, creativity, and technical skills to express and give meaning to what's important in their lives. 

Do you want to learn how to promote team building and mental health through art? At Circle Painting, we help teachers, social workers, and workshop organizers to add art expression into their programs.


Our Online Courses
Circle Painting is a nonprofit organization that helps facilitators around the world to expand their art programs. Hiep Nguyen, our founder, has a Master's degree in Art Education and over 20 years of experience in making and teaching art.

Whether you want to expand your art program or boost your career with a prestigious certification, you can rely on Circle Painting’s certification classes and training workshops. Our easy-to-teach and mistake-proof drawing courses will help you uncover your creativity and help you learn a variety of techniques. Here are some of them:

Our Online Courses Will Help You:
Facilitate impressive art projects.
Build a strong relationship with your clients, students and community.
Connect with people and children who can not verbalize their emotions or thoughts.
Promote the use of art in therapy

Draw All You Can Masterclass
Our Draw All You Can online masterclass is based on the innovative concept of drawing cards. In this course, you will develop the necessary facilitator skills to plan and implement successful art projects in your classroom, work, or community.

Circle Painting Masterclass
This mistake-proof and interactive course will give you the necessary skills to organize and facilitate collaborative art projects. Complete our two circle painting masterclasses and become certified program facilitator.

Who Do We Serve?
Here is how our online courses and workshops can help you transform lives: 

Art Therapists: Besides driving creative development, collaborative art facilitates emotional expression through artwork and teamwork.
Art Teachers: Help your students feel like they're part of a collaborative learning community, even when they're not together.
Social Workers: Collaborative art serves as a medium to engage, educate and express. Help your clients find artistic self-expression and confidence through deep art engagement. 

Workshop Hosts: Organize energizing workshops that keep users engaged and motivated. 

Excellent Art Online Courses 
Circle Painting is here to help you out if you’re looking for more creative and innovative teaching methods that keep your team engaged. We have over ten years of experience helping teachers, social workers, and facilitators incorporate art into their programs.

Get in touch with us today and learn how to plan and implement successful collaborative art projects in the U.S.


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