Collaborative Art Project for Workshop Facilitators

Whether you are an experienced facilitator or new in the field, planning and running an art workshop can sound intimidating. If you want to learn how to provide an engaging, fun, and safe atmosphere for learning, Circle Painting helps you teach art with confidence.


Scale Up Your Business with Circle Painting’s Certifications

A workshop is a single, short educational session designed to teach participants practical skills, techniques, or ideas that can be meaningful for their daily lives. 

Adding training and certifications can be a pivotal step in enhancing your program’s quality, boosting your career, and opening opportunities to more niche positions. If you are looking for art certifications for workshops, here are some of the perks of obtaining one:

1. Increase engagement and member retention
2. Build long-term relationships with facilities, including school, senior communities rehabilitation centers
3. Build your reputation to top-notch knowledgeParticipate in events and festivals
4. Connect with fellow artists and facilitators and boost your business 
5. Learn techniques from exceptionally qualified professionals 

Our Courses

Circle Painting is a nonprofit organization that helps facilitators, teachers, social workers, and workshop hosts across the U.S. incorporate art into their programs. Our courses empower facilitators by providing them with the skills and resources they need to plan, promote and produce valuable experiences through workshops seamlessly. 

Choose from the program that best goes with your target audience’s needs, interests, and tastes. 

Draw All You Can Masterclass

Our Draw All You Can online masterclass is based on the innovative concept of drawing cards. This dynamic masterclass will teach you how to engage 99% of your students with proven methods that produce impressive results every time.

Circle Painting Masterclass

Engage your participants with an easy-to-follow workshop that promotes team building and stimulates their senses and motor skills. Through your workshop, your customers will:

1. Make unique art pieces focused on a universal circle theme
2. Use art to relax and unwindEngage with other participants
3. Learn practical techniques to use the art for pure enjoyment and recreation

Circle Painting: Your Best Ally

If you are ready to expand your programs and have fun in the process, you can rely on Circle Painting to make it happen! Our master classes will teach you how to plan and conduct practical and successful workshops. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our collaborative art project for workshop hosts.


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