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Enriching Collaborative Art Online Courses

Good communication lies at the heart of social work practice. A social worker must communicate effectively to understand simple and complex problems troubling children and families' wellbeing. 

Circle Painting's collaborative art online courses will help you acquire ways of communicating that fall outside language. Keep reading to learn how you can use drawing and painting to connect with clients in less traditional but deeply profound ways.

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Circle Painting Masterclass

Need something versatile and exciting to engage your community? Circle Painting’s masterclass helps you teach art with confidence. If you are  looking for online art certification for social workers, this masterclass is for you. Complete both levels and become a certified program facilitator.

Draw All You Can Masterclass

This course uses innovative drawing cards that will help you connect with your clients through creative expression. 

Benefits of Collaborative Art in Social Work

Introducing art within social work can bring countless benefits. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to your client's personal development:

  1. Motivation and drive for positive change
  2. Less stress
  3. Communication and teamwork
  4. Critical thinking and problem solving
  5. Empowerment & new friendships

About the Instructor: Hiep Nguyen

Hiep Nguyen holds a Master's degree in Art Education from Cal State Long Beach and has over 20 years of experience as a successful artist and master teacher. Hiep's dynamic, fun-loving, and non-judgmental facilitation style will help you become the confident artist you've always wanted to be.

Why Circle Painting Classes?

Innovative Art Resources: You'll have full access to presentations, instructional videos, and downloadable visual aids. 
Comprehensive online courses: You will learn effective facilitation techniques. You'll gain the skills and confidence to organize and facilitate collaborative art projects.
Proven Methods:
It is a versatile and reusable project that promotes creativity and teamwork.
Certification: We provide an easy path for professionals interested in becoming certified program facilitators. 
Enriching Experience: It is mistake-proof and interactive painting experiences that bring people together.

Help Your Clients With Collaborative ArtWhether you're looking to implement a collaborative art program in your community or want or want to boost your career with a prestigious certification, Circle Painting is here to help. Give us a call or submit our online form to sign up for our online art courses for social workers.

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