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Art therapy has become very popular over the last few years thanks to the combination of art and psychology that improves people's physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Besides driving creative development, therapeutic collaborative art can help patients develop interpersonal skills, regulate behavior, reduce anxiety, build self-esteem and increase self-awareness. Thanks to these healing benefits, social workers often look for ways to get certified in Therapeutic Collaborative Art in order to offer engaging and effective therapeutic art lessons to their customers. 

If you are a social worker looking for courses or certifications about therapeutic collaborative art then Circle Painting is here to help. We offer engaging, mistake-proof art lessons for social workers and teachers all over the world.

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Art Sessions to Promote Mental Health & Teamwork

Art therapy helps people find relief from overwhelming emotions, crises, and traumas so if your goal as a social worker is helping your customers this way, then the first step is getting a certification in therapeutic art lessons. Circle Painting can help you achieve that goal! Our online art classes will teach you how to plan and conduct practical and useful therapeutic art lessons.

Circle Painting has a lot of experience helping through collaborative art. We have hosted events for war veterans, schools, nursing homes, and many other community centers.

Collaborative Art has a significant impact for both, the one who performs and guides the sessions and the ones that learn from the expert. Specifically for your patients or group, collaborative art can be beneficial mental and physically. Here's how:

1. It helps builds self-esteem, concentration and confidence through creative expressions  
2. It increases sense of wellbeing and self-discovery
3. It reduces pain, stress, and anxiety in patients suffering from chronic and mental illnesses

Thanks to these benefits the dynamic approach of Collaborative Art projects like Circle Painting or Draw All You Can have become increasingly popular in recent years. Collaborative art-making involves working as a team to create art, where each participant contributes in some significant way to the artwork.

Therapeutic Collaborative Art Courses From An Expert

Circle Painting is one of the world's leading providers of collaborative art courses, workshops, events, with over a decade of experience and ten of thousand participants and over 15 countries. We provide art teachers, art therapists, social workers, workshop organizers, and other professionals with the necessary skills to incorporate impressive art projects into their programs.

Whether you are looking for a dynamic team-building experience or adding therapeutic collaborative art to your program - Circle Painting is here to help. Get in touch with us to enroll in our innovative art program today.

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