Come Together

Feast on Colors

Need to pump up attendance at your event? Want to spice

up your program? Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate?

Relax and let Circle Painting do the work for you.

Let's Get Started

What We Do


  • Festivals
  • Community events
  • Business
  • Schools & Non-profits
  • Teachers
  • Social Workers

Circle Painting makes your event big, bold,

and fun. We design and implement a colorful

array of collaborative painting projects that

will help you to:


  • Pump up attendance.
  • Cut down your stress.
  • Liven up your event.


Our activities are fun and easy to follow. It

attracts even those who usually say “No” to

art. Invite Circle Painting to your next event!


Circle Painting will bring your team together for

a collaborative experience that has social and

artistic values. We provide proven drawing and

painting activities that will:


  • Foster group interaction and bonding.
  • Inspire community involvement.
  • Produce artworks that reflect your

        school or organization's core values.


Let us take your next retreat, conference,

professional development, grand opening,

or corporate sponsorship to the next level!


We design our training workshops specifically

for K-12 teachers and social workers who need exciting and all-inclusive drawing and painting

lessons. We will come to your location and

tailor the training for your group so you can



  • Understand our philosophy and learn the

         proven 5-step facilitation techniques.

  • Create beautiful murals and banners.
  • Gain confidence to facilitate Circle
  • Painting from start to finish.



Circle Painting embraces everyone into its circle of playful and easy-to-follow activities.

Our motto: Art for All, All for Art.



You have an idea, I make it happen. I start a line, you complete a shape. We accept

each other’s sizes and shapes, colors and values. We make everything big, bold, and fun.



Expect the unexpected! When we interact with each other’s lines and shapes, colors and

forms, new images emerge at every turn, stirring our imagination.


Our Core Values

Who We Are

We are a group of artists, teachers, and community leaders who are devoted to community-based art. Circle Painting was founded by Hiep Nguyen,

an artist and teacher who believes in making art accessible to all. Since 2007, we have traveled to 10 countries and engaged over 100,000 participants.


Frequently Asked Questions

"Hiep sees potential in people and invests

in them, tirelessly helping them to flourish

and shine. Working with him has been a

transformative experience."


ZILIN CUI- Community Event Organizer

Mt. Holyoke College

"The energy throughout the training was

fun, safe, and genuine. And the murals

completely transformed our school ."



Innovation Academy



"I recommend Circle Painting to

community festivals looking for a

high quality art project."


PATRICIA WAYNE, Deputy Director

Arts Orange County


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