Circle Painting Level 1

An online course for educators, social workers, and workshop facilitators.
December 11, 2021
Saturday 7- 9 pm (California time)

Engage Your Students with Big, Bold, & Fun Painting Experiences

Feeling isolated, overwhelmed, or discouraged with your teaching routine?
Want to teach collaborative art projects but don’t know how?
Need new lessons to increase student participation?
If this is you, read more to discover a NEW way to teach art.

You Will LOVE Circle Painting Because...

It is mistake-proof and interactive painting experiences that bring people together.

It is a versatile and reusable project that promotes creativity and teamwork.

Finally, you'll have the skills to organize and facilitate collaborative art projects.

Teach Collaborative Art With Excitement & Confidence!

Your Students Will Love It Because You Will Love It Too

What Will You Get From This Online Course?

Access to class content such as presentations, instructional videos, and downloadable visual aids.
The best of both worlds: Self-paced learning plus 3 hours of LIVE class with master teacher Hiep Nguyen.
Learn the 5-steps process, the paper plates project, collaborative banner project, and useful tips.
Ongoing support: Invitation to our facilitators group and annual review sessions.
An e-Certificate of Completion, your first step toward becoming a Certified Program Facilitator.
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Meet Your Teacher

Hiep Nguyen is the Founder and Art Director of Draw All You Can. Known for his dynamic, fun-loving, and non-judgmental facilitation style, Hiep's passion for collaborative art is contagious. His training workshops have helped teachers and social workers around the world to expand their art programs.

To Hiep, art is a spiritual practice, a way to connect, create, and celebrate. His motto: “Art for All, All for Art.”

AMAZING Creations. PRACTICAL Results.


What is Circle Painting?
Do I need an art background?
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To Paint Is To Love Again. Are You Ready To Paint?

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