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Circle Painting & Draw All You Can will pump up attendees, drum up teamwork, and liven up your event. Your team won’t paint by numbers or copy a drawing. Our hands-on, interactive, and proven methods enable participants to produce large-scale, original artworks. Our processes are designed for group settings and can accommodate people of all ages and abilities. We have led hundreds of events all over the U.S. and overseas. Whether it is a festival, team-building event, or a school mural, you can count on us to make your event a blast.

Collaborative Art Programs & Workshops We offer

Collaborative Art Programs & Workshops We Offer

Please check out the details and for each category below. If you still don’t see something that fits your, specific needs, don’t worry, we can create a custom program for you.

School-Based Programs

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Community Events & Festivals

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Workshops For Special Populations

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Keynote Speaking & Guest Artists

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Circle Painting VS Draw All You Can

Which one will better suit your need?

Green = Circle Painting
Pink = Draw All You Can

Focuses on painting.
Focuses on drawing.
Uses the circle theme and radial symmetry to create artworks
Uses the “Draw All You Can” cards to produce artworks.
Produces paintings that are more abstract.
Produces more recognizable, representational artworks that can be used for personal storytelling
More suitable if the goal is to just bring people together, to relax, and to make an event more celebrative.
More suitable for individual projects or if the host organizations have very limited space
Process is better for creating very large, colorful banners or murals
Less supplies needed and more simple to set up and transport.

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