Draw All You Can Happy Hour coming in June!

Draw All You Can Virtual Happy Hour will kick off on June 18

Hello friends, one of the greatest ways to find inspiration is to learn from each other, and develop new friendships on the way! That’s what we have in mind when creating this group, but most importantly, to practice drawing skills we all need and love so much!
When: Every 3rd Saturday of the month. Join us and be a part of the family! More details and Sign up Form.

Draw All You Can Level 2 class in June 2022

Hello friends, if you have been wanting to take a Level 2 Circle Painting, Calvin and I will be teaching a hybrid , bilingual class on August 27-28. Hope to see you there.

Circle Painting Level 2 正式開始報名啦!報名及詳情

(按以上連結 可享早鳥優惠 -$200)
導師: Mr. Hiep Nguyen 及 岑智榮先生 Guy Sum語言: 英語(輔以廣東話解說)模式: Zoom課堂資料:課節一: 25/6/2022 (星期六) 0900am - 1200nn HKT課節二: 26/6/2022 (星期日) 0900am - 1200nn HKT

Texas Disaster Emergency Management Conference

Stevie Ballow and I had a wonderful opportunity to present the "Drawing From Disaster- Discover Healing with Draw All You Can" at the Texas Disaster Emergency Management Conference last Friday.  To my surprise, many elected officials, medical professionals, first responders, emergency managers, and decision-makers from across Texas showed up at our session.  They recognized the importance of creative healing for both individuals and the community as a whole and find value in our project.  Looking forward to bringing the concept and its messages to many more programs like this in the future.

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