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It's never too soon, or too late, to introduce your students to the possibilities of creative expression. Organizing collaborative art projects in your classroom can help bring out the best in each participant. 

At Circle Painting, we'll provide you with the necessary skills to facilitate impressive art projects for students in any grade level. 

Why is Collaborative Art Important?
Arts education isn't just for art majors. Through the arts, students develop communication skills, critical thinking, attention to detail, and self-understanding. Our collaborative art online course will help you provide your students with fun, enriching lessons. 

Learning art goes beyond creating a final product. By learning to use many materials, colors, textures, and shapes, students can learn about art as a medium and express themselves creatively. 

Benefits of Incorporating Collaborative Art Projects in Your Course
Interacting with one another while creating an art piece allows students to express their feelings, connect with others, and showcase who they are. 

Here are some of the ways collaborative art projects can help your students:

1. Enhance technical and creative skills
2. Promote team building
3. Improve cognition 
4. Provide a space for artistic expression

Our Online Courses
At Circle Painting, we offer two online courses to help you integrate creativity into your classroom while meeting your curriculum requirements.

Draw All You Can Masterclass 
Engage your students to draw nonstop with our innovative methods of drawing cards.

This course will help you:
Develop drawing skills
Gain confidence in representing your ideas visually. 
Help you plan enriching art lessons
Increase student engagement

Circle Painting Masterclass
Learn how to facilitate a collaborative drawing for your students successfully. Complete our level 1 & 2 classes and become a certified Circle Painting program facilitator.

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The Circle Painting certification will help you in your personal and professional development. From expanding your existing teaching programs to hosting workshops in your community, there are many ways you can use your new skills.

At Circle Painting, we are passionate about the power the arts have in changing lives. Our online courses for teachers have helped hundreds of educators implement successful art initiatives across the country.

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