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Are you looking for innovative online training for art teachers? Circle Painting is here to help. We empower teachers and facilitators worldwide by providing them with the knowledge and resources to create relevant, dynamic experiences in their classrooms.

In our courses, you will acquire strategies for effectively managing your art classroom, regardless of its size or your students' energy level. You will learn how to motivate and create art pieces with your students while promoting a sense of community.

Draw All You Can Masterclass 
Our Draw All You Can online masterclass is based on the innovative concept of drawing cards. This course gives you the skills and tools you need to facilitate a collaborative drawing for your students successfully. Complete our level 1 & 2 classes and become a certified Circle Painting program facilitator. Sign up for our upcoming masterclass today.

With the techniques you gain in this fun, mistake-proof course, you will be able to organize and facilitate art projects that fosters non-verbal communication, interpersonal connection, self-expression, creativity, and positive relationships with your students.

Benefits of Collaborative Art

1. New insights and skill sets
2. Large-scale and dynamic artworks
3. Highly playful and celebrative experiences
4. Less stress or fear for art-making.
5. Social engagement and new friendships.

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About Circle Painting

Circle Painting is a nonprofit organization that helps teachers and facilitators worldwide incorporate art into their programs. Our courses empower facilitators by providing them with the techniques necessary to design and integrate valuable teaching lesson experiences.

With Our Courses You Will:
1. Learn new techniques and facilitation skills from top creative professionals from across the globe
2. Make unique large-scale art pieces focused on a universal circle theme
3. Become a certified program facilitator
4. Foster team-building and creative development in your classroom

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Circle Painting is here to help you out if you're looking for more dynamic teaching methods that keep your classroom engaged. Get in touch with us today to enroll in one of our prestigious masterclasses.

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