Team-building Techniques For Teachers

Want to create a positive working environment in your school? Circle Painting offers dynamic art programs that promote creativity and team building through mural painting. Get in touch with us today to learn how collaborative art can positively impact your staff.

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Collaborative Mural Making for Schools

Murals are perfect for getting your team involved in creating collaborative artwork in or around your school. At Circle Painting, we will help you bring your faculty and staff together to plan, design, and carry out artistic murals based on a circle theme.

The benefits of collaborative mural-making go beyond the creation of beautiful murals.

1. These activities promote faculty morale and retention rates. 
2. Participants develop a sense of belonging and team spirit. 
3. Peers can use mural making as a means of relaxation and creative expression. 
4. Collaborative art provides teachers with new skills and ideas that they can add to their teaching lessons. 

Boost Teacher & Staff Morale With Collaborative art

Over the last year, we have experienced the many challenges that COVID-19 has brought to education. It’s needless to say that being a teacher during a pandemic comes with added responsibilities, expectations, and stress. 

Facing these uniquely difficult circumstances can often end up in burnout and low morale. Circle Painting’s team-building activities can drive positive change to your school’s climate and build a support system for your faculty and staff. Your school’s faculty and staff will be amazed at what they can achieve through collaborative art.

About Circle Painting

Circle Painting is a non-profit organization with over a decade of experience providing collaborative art courses, workshops, and events worldwide. At Circle Painting, we offer transformative, engaging experiences that promote well-being, communication, and teamwork. 

If you want to help your faculty, staff and student body with relevant, life-changing art projects, consider Circle Painting’s certification certification art courses.

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